Sharing Travel Stories

Once upon a time, I promised myself not to live an average life. Since then I have been working on things I am passionate about – noticing beauty in the tiniest things, loving selflessly, and trying to be kind. Because that's what really makes us above average, isn't it?

Welcome to In4Travel, my very own passion project based on exciting travel experiences I’ve had over the years. Explore this page to see pictures captured by me, read my blogs, and get some useful travel tips. While experience and love is all I have to offer; I hope In4Travel inspires you to follow your own passions as well!

Happy reading!


The Darjeeling Diary

A Solo Escapade to India's Darling Hill Station "I would like to remember my trip to this heavenly retreat for the bewitchingly beautiful...

The Vibe of Varanasi

Varanasi: Varanasi is the India of your imagination, the most beautiful place on Earth for me. Spirituality and tranquility seep through...



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